Vocation for Relationship

The need to generate exchanges among finance executives gave birth in 1968 to ANEFAC. Initially it was formed by a limited membership, for only a privileged elite could belong to the entity, which at the time was called NAA - National Accounting Association.

The association was founded in the same manner as the NAA U.S. to discuss issues that add value to the activity of individual members through technical lectures presented in English, about Comptroller, Public Accounting and Financial Management. Since its foundation is associated with IMA - Institute of Management Accountants, and we are keen to go on record that we are available to the Embassy here in Brazil for what is necessary, within our reach.

Over the years, the entity is 'democratized'. Executives began to accept the areas of Administration and Finance and became more open to Brazilian professionals. The expansion followed the entry of executives in other areas of NAA and the symbol was no longer representing clearly linked to what was the real scope of associational activity. In 1986, the organization adopted the acronym ANEFAC - National Association of Executives in Finance, Administration and Accounting.

Over the years, has established itself with ANEFAC organization representing professionals in finance, administration and accounting, observed in public and private means, by his firm and clear position in relation to macro-economic problems as well as in defending and resolving the problems faced by the consumer.

The ANEFAC events are held monthly, with topics of interest to members and also honors great impact on society. The Transparency Trophy (or Anefac-Fipecafi-Serasa) is one of the most prized awards in the enterprise market in Brazil. Born in 1997 in order to be a better public recognition of the financial statement published in Brazil in two categories: capital firms opened. Created by Anefac, the Prize, whose 10th. edition will take place on September 21, is technically supervised by Fipecafi and sponsored by Serasa. We also performed the Professional of the Year Award, which recognizes the three executives who stood out in the areas of Finance, Administration and Accounting, with a large celebration held between the months of November and December.

We can not fail to mention Congress Anefac, traditional event and one of the most anticipated for leisure join the strategic knowledge and meet members and their families. Typically the event occurs in the first quarter of the year in five-star hotel near Sao Paulo.



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